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Sustainability Management for Data Centers

Class-G is an industry-specific way to measure and communicate your commitment to the sustainability of your data centers. As you know, significant reduction in energy consumption by data centers is usually not feasible as required by Energy Star, LEED and other LEED-like programs. Class-G’s identification, tracking and measurement tool was crafted by nationally-recognized industry leaders in IT management and certified sustainability engineers. It identifies the sustainable actions you can accomplish, not what you can’t. The Class-G system rates all possible actions according to environmental priority, and helps you measure yours accordingly.

Class-G for data centers allows you to: 


  • Benchmark the level of sustainable operations in each of your data centers, and compare and contrast your high performers against low performers
  • Track accomplishments in: Air & Health, Energy, Water, Materials, and Waste Reduction
  • Complete a Checklist drafted specifically for data centers. It is presented in simple terms that everyone can understand.
  • Complete 165 questions in as little as 60 minutes
  • Respond easily - each question requires simple responses: Yes, No, and Wish List


  • Display your commitment to sustainability with Class-G's eye-catching plaque
  • Be endorsed objectively by a third-party with Class-G's sustainability standards
  • Promote your achievements with your Class-G sustainability profile page
  • Reward internally and externally recognizing achievements in sustainability


  • Accomplish continuous improvement of your sustainability objectives
  • Compare each of your facilities against others to help elevate lesser performers
  • Focus on your next sustainability goals with Class-G's Wish List feature
  • Become more sustainable tomorrow than you were yesterday