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Many sustainability certifications, such as LEED, are not affordable or achievable by the majority of organizations. Moreover, these exist to allow companies to verify and proclaim that their buildings are sustainable at a fixed point in time.  Class-G offers a system that enables organizations to measure, track and improve sustainability efforts over time for any location that is trying to manage sustainably.

Providing a dynamic, do-it-yourself certification, allows us to deliver:

  • Affordability: A low barrier to entry for most organizations with existing locations
  • Ease of Use: An easy-to-use yes/no checklist of the 100+ most essential sustainability factors, each written with 15 words or less
  • Transparency: provided by explicitly publishing each sustainability claim and the ability for anyone to submit comments as to the veracity of sustainability claims made
  • Tracking: by providing a dashboard to client administrators of all rated locations, with the ability for clients to leverage best practices to elevate lesser performing locations
  • Continuous Improvement: by maintaining a wish list of planned sustainability initiatives
  • Engagement: by providing tools to communicate to employees, customers and other stakeholders exactly what sustainability initiatives have been implemented
  • Third-Party Validation: Leverage and communicate your compliance using Class-G’s sustainability measurement standards
  • Commercial Space Users: Unlike Energy Star®, LEED and other LEED-like programs, Class-G uniquely is designed to serve users, vs. owners, of commercial space, and existing buildings vs. new buildings

Class-G provides online sustainability self-certification for companies throughout the US.