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We Measure

We provide the menu of sustainable best-practices and the ability to measure your commitment to sustainable operations.

You Certify

You self-certify where you stand today, and allow Class-G to help you communicate your commitment to sustainable operations.  Our Wish List feature enables you to register items you wish to improve upon by the time you recertify the following year.

They Verify

The marketplace verifies whether or not you are ‘practicing what you preach’.  Your rating and itemized list of sustainable practices is transparent for all to see, both onsite through your downloadable Gfacts (coming soon) and openly on the Internet.

If a registered user wishes to comment on one of the published responses, they can visit the profile page to submit a comment. Positive comments will be shared with the client and reviewed for possible inclusion here. Negative comments will not be published. They will anonymously be reviewed by the client and Class-G. If the client is unable to remedy, their location rating may be changed or profile page removed, at Class-G’s discretion.

This process is easy and straightforward.

  1. Go to Certify Now and register, create a profile and pay by check, credit card, or invoice.
  2. Once your payment has been accepted, you can complete the online Checklist indicating your current sustainable practices and those practices which you plan on implementing (Wish List).
  3. Once complete, this information is publicly available via our website on your personal Class-G profile page.
  4. Order a plaque, which you will receive within three weeks.
  5. At this point, registered users can submit, for review by Class-G, comments to compliment or question the accuracy of a location’s claims.

Class-G provides online sustainability certification for buildings and businesses throughout the US.