Attractive Class-G granite plaques allow you to display and promote your commitment to sustainability at your location. Each location will receive one plaque at no extra charge. Plaques are available in white dark granite and black dark granite.

plaque Class-G_White_Plaque

Each plaque contains a magnetic metal plate personalized with your name, expiration date, rating and a QR code. The QR Code allows smart phone users to scan and immediately access your sustainability profile page on


All Class-G plaques are 100% produced and decorated in the USA. The cast granite plaque contains 30% industrially recycled stone. The corrugated packaging is also 100% recycled cardboard.

The factory producing each custom mold will reuse that mold to make additional recycled molds. Any silicone that cannot be recycled back into a product internally is sent to an organization that recycles it for commercial products. None of the old silicone makes it into a landfill.

Plaques can be displayed on a table top or wall mounted for all to see. All required hardware for mounting plaques is included.

Additional plaques can be ordered online. You can also order revised metal plates as your ratings change over time.