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Data Centers typically consume massive amounts of energy relative to the rest of an organization. In managing sustainably, they face a number of challenges. Most data centers are run by talented IT individuals who often are not fully tapped into the organization’s sustainability mission. Moreover, those who are committed to running sustainably are confronted by the difficulty of addressing most of the existing sustainability certifications.

Class-G’s data center checklist was engineered to simplify the process. The checklist was created by a combination of sustainability and data center experts, offering the best ways to maximize sustainability in a data center.

The checklist consists of 165 questions, most crafted in 15 words or less. The categories of questions include:  HVAC, Power, Facilities, Operations, Water, Materials, Waste Reduction, plus an additional Bonus section. Examples of some of the HVAC questions follow.

Data Center Checklist Example

For each item, a user selects “Yes” to indicate that the data center is compliant with that item or “No.” Clicking on “Wish List” places that item on a list maintained for the purposes of having that item implemented within a 12-month period. Scores are attributed to each item marked “Yes,” weighted in terms of the sustainability significance or impact of the item.

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