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Class-G is a way to measure and communicate your commitment to sustainability, allowing you to:



  • Benchmark your level of sustainable operations
  • Air & Health, Energy, Water, Materials, and Waste Reduction
  • Easy to complete Checklist written in simple terms that everyone can understand.
  • Can be completed in as little as 60 minutes
  • Three simple responses:  Yes – No – Wish List


black-plaque-200 plaque-white-200


  • Eye-catching plaque displaying your commitment to sustainability
  • Third-party endorsement of your sustainability
  • Our website promotes your achievement
  • Internal reward and external recognition



  • Promotes continuous improvement
  • Wish List feature enables you to focus on your next sustainability goals
  • Become more sustainable tomorrow than you were yesterday


Green Company Certification: Class-G provides solutions for businesses to promote their sustainable buildings and to encourage ongoing sustainability practices.