Providing low cost certification for businesses and buildings.

What Was the Innovation?

We created a simple, achievable and affordable program that:

  • Empowers commercial property owners and tenants to measure their level of sustainable management.
  • Promotes continuous improvement that speaks in terms that people know.
  • Rewards them in the process.

A plan was developed to commercialize the concept, launch it, and take it nationally.  The mission from the very beginning was to help our users become more sustainable tomorrow than they were yesterday.

The Founding of Class-G

In 2009, Jim Scalo, President and CEO of Burns & Scalo Real Estate Services, created the initial Class-G concept.  As an owner, investor and property manager of commercial real estate, Jim wanted to differentiate his portfolio by incorporating sustainable management practices beyond the traditional real estate market expectations of “Class A."  He trademarked this new standard as “Class-G."

Jim’s firm constantly works to integrate ‘best-practices’ into his firm’s day-to-day operations.  He realized very quickly that his team was already adhering to sustainability in a myriad of ways. However, they were searching to both improve behaviors and communicate that they were managing their facilities at another level – a sustainable level.

Enter Joe Blattner, founder and former Chairman of Blattner Brunner, one of Western Pennsylvania’s largest advertising agencies.  Joe is not new to developing innovative businesses, having launched Blattner Brunner in 1974 and the SaaS enterprise in 2005.  Joe became familiar with Jim’s concept during his role as strategy consultant for Burns & Scalo Real Estate.  Well versed in creating and growing successful businesses from their initial concept, Joe was asked to identify a way to share Class-G with the world. 

The business was also developed with Mike Embrescia, formerly of Pittsburgh's Green Building Alliance and a sustainability expert. Mike assisted in the creation of the Class-G program, and contributed a wealth of education, leadership and passion in the realm of sustainability.

The Class-G business began on July 1, 2011.